While running is fairly pure, and by that I mean it’s easy to get out and and just “do it”, it is not without injuries.

And yet, while the most important piece of equipment may be your shoes, (and of course how you use them) there are things you can own that will help you fend off injuries.

In no order they are:

  1. An ice pack 
  2. A foam roller
  3. A pair of compression socks

Having an ice pack is a must. Whether to take away the inflammation and pain from a new injury or simply using it after a workout to avoid pain or inflammation this simple aide can make a huge difference. In a pinch a bag of ice or frozen vegetables will work but they won’t be as comfortable. We carry a great ice pack made by 3M and they’re only $10 each.

A foam roller is another simple device.  Foam rolling is like giving yourself a mini massage. You can easily massage areas like your calves, hamstrings, IT bands glutes and quads in a matter of minutes.

And last but not least, a pair of compression socks is really useful after a long hard workout when your calves are exhausted and could just use some support.  But more importantly, compression socks can decrease the chances of serious blood vessel issues that may occur following heavy workouts followed by prolonged sitting.

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