Senior Fitness

Evidence shows that it’s more important for people over 40 to exercise than for those under 40. The main reasons are that from for each decade of life after 50 we lose 10% of of muscle mass. This can result in not only inability to do what you want to do but in many cases to lose one’s independence.  This however can be corrected and controlled.Senior Fitness Program

The key is not to start too late!  The earlier the better.  But exercise, like medication needs to be dosed and selected individually.  People differ in their physical abilities or limitations, their goals in life, and the amount of  time they have to devote to exercise.  By assessing each person individually, we can customize a program for you that is safe, pain-free and goal oriented. We’ll show you the smart options that will achieve results while keeping you injury-free.

Balance & Fall Prevention Programs

Falls are the leading cause of injury, hospitalizations and often major surgery for older adults.  About 30% or more adults over 65 and almost 50% of those over 80 years old, will fall at least 1 or more times per year.  The solution is prevention.  Balance can be learned and re-learned just like any other skill. Even with conditions such as diabetes and other neurologic conditions, balance training can produce results that make these risks significantly lower.  By assessing the patients’ fall risk we can customize a program of balance activities that start easy and with time and practice can get quite advanced. We’ll work with you both in the office under supervision and on specialized equipment and when you are ready, give you a home program to follow on your own.

Joint Replacements

Whether you have already had a joint replacement or are due for one, we have the skill and equipment you’ll need after surgery.  Our office specializes in restoring your new joints full motion with minimal or NO pain.  Similarly, by using the right equipment at the right time, your exercise program will be challenging but also with minimal or no discomfort. By using specialized equipment such as our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill your rehabilitation program will be structured yet fun. Your progress will be measured each visit to make sure you are on your way to an optimal recovery.