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Mark W. “Short version:  If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a consultation with Jeff or a similar professional regarding an injury or some guidance on how to improve your running form.  Stop thinking about it!  Just make an appointment to see Jeff – do it now!
Long version:  This is one runner’s story, so your mileage may vary (pun intended).  After injuring my foot and not running for more than 6 months, I linked up with my old running partner and eased back into it even though the foot still hurt.  The first thing I noticed was that his cadence was much higher than previously.  He explained that he had had two visits with Jeff, it had made a big difference in his form and performance, and I should make an appointment.  I eventually matched his cadence, but he kept saying I should have Jeff do a full evaluation of my running form.  So I finally did.Although I believe Jeff treats patients with various types of injuries and issues, my perspective is that of a runner.  How nice to find someone who is a runner and specializes in running form and running injuries!  The first thing Jeff did was examine my feet, and I was relieved to hear his opinion that my plantar fasciitis injury was on the mend, would likely become fully healed eventually, and I could continue to run.  Next, he shot and evaluated video (from the front, side, and rear) of my running form while I was on a treadmill.  He showed me on the computer, frame by frame, how various elements of my form (takeoff, landing, elbows, arms, knees, etc.) compared to ideal ranges.  The good news was that I was already doing most things right (improving my cadence automatically improved other elements).  But more good news was that he identified what I was doing wrong – landing on my heels.  It was good news because it meant I could look forward to better performance once I tweaked my form.  Of course, I knew you’re supposed to land on your mid-foot instead of your heel, but I could never figure out how to do it.  Presto!  In less than a minute, he showed me how.  Then back on the treadmill, more video analysis, and a conclusion that my form was already visibly improved.  One of the things I appreciated most was that he created a video of all his findings, with a voice-over commentary explaining everything, and emailed it to me a day or two later.Because Jeff warned me that my new landing would require stronger calf muscles, I eased into it.  Okay, actually I overdid it a bit at first, whereupon he reminded me to ease into it.  Did I mention that he responds to email?  I wish my doctor was as responsive!  By the time I ran a half-marathon several weeks later, ALL the pain in my foot had disappeared, I was running faster and more efficiently, and I set a personal record.  And all this was the result of just one visit with Jeff.  Need I say more?  Just one thing:  make an appointment and do it NOW!”

Jeff S – “Jeff and his staff are the BEST.  I started seeing them in 2009 to sort a calf issue.  Jeff analyzed my running technique via multiple video angles and a computer review.  I was able to change my technique to not only ease away the problem but also to run faster and more efficiently.
Twice, once before a marathon and the second time before a 50miler I suffered horrendous groin pain/injury.  Jeff was miraculously able to sort both problems out in a way that eliminated my pain while still managing for me to train enough to reach my goals of running a Boston qualifying time and running the Old Goat 50 in 11hrs.After 2 unsatisfactory surgeon mis-diagnosis of what caused those underlying injuries it was Jeff that urged me to seek alternate surgical opinions.  He was right as it turned out I had been running with a torn labrum and cam/pincer impingement.  Now, only 4/12 months post surgery, Jeff has gotten me back to the point of being able to start land running again.  I’m telling you, the peeps at Ortho Pro are EXCELLENT at what they do and they are nice to boot.  They care and it shows.If you are a distance runner and especially an ultra distance runner, there is no one else worth going to.  Don’t waste your time and money on inferior treatment.Oh yeah, and now, they have a new Alter G anti-gravity treadmill.  Not only does that thing get injured runners moving and better, quicker, it is most def gonna help serious runners develop speedwork without the wear and tear on the joints– go get some sessions on it!”

Jaime W. “I did the running gait analysis with Jeff. After having run with poor form for many years, he helped me to correct it, and now it is much much better. This allowed me to set PRs in the 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon distances. I am confident that by running with proper form I will be able to run for the rest of my life.
The gait video analysis and feedback were critical. This way I could clearly see what I was doing wrong and right when I am running.Jeff is also good and accurate at diagnosing injuries and problems.I highly recommend ortho pro pt!”

Shari W.  “Jeff is very knowledgeable about running and proper running form. He takes video of your run, goes over your form frame by frame, and emails you details to help improve your run. He is caring and understanding about your needs and goals. From the minute you meet him, you will feel his passion for helping people. He has realistic goals for you and makes you feel like they are achievable. I can’t say enough positive things about Jeff and his staff.”

JoKevin M.- “Jeff and Heather are the best. Had a back issue that Jeff helped me get to the right people for. A real professional with a vast knowledge on sports injuries. Guided me back on the right track. STRONGLY recommend him as he thinks like an athlete and really cares about your recovery process.”

Charlie H. -“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for over 20 years.  He has helped both me and my wife through several sports injuries.  His diagnostic skills are amazing. He’s patient, calming, honest and straightforward.  He’s also athlete, so he speaks from experience and understands that his injured athlete patients don’t want to hear that if it hurts when they are exercising, to simply stop exercising.  Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Debbie P. “Ortho Pro is great!  The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, empathetic to your needs as well as all around caring.  I have had various injuries and of late, foot surgery.  Jeff is great and has ” healing hands”.  The entire staff is GREAT!”

Ellen N. “THE BEST guy in town.   Wouldn’t consider anyone else.  Great support staff, too. Jeff and his crew make you feel like family.”

Lisa H. “I was experiencing calf and knee pain while running. He helped me correct my running form, showed me how to tape up my knee to prevent pain, and massaged a major knot out of my calves that were a result of incorrect running form (before I saw Dr. Jeff). Thanks to him and his amazing team I was able to run AND finish my first half marathon.”

Stephanie G. “I was referred to Jeff by another runner at my work.  I went to see Jeff for left knee pain and I expected Jeff to tell me the usual “take two weeks off from running and come back to see me”.  But Jeff taped up my knee and said that I could run the same day.  I was impressed with Jeff’s ability and willingness to keep you running (or in your sport) through an injury.  My knee injury is much better and I have been working with Jeff on improving my running form to prevent future injuries.  I highly recommend Jeff.  He and his staff are extremely nice and they make it a very pleasant experience. Thanks Jeff!!”

Jorge C. “I had serious pain in my lower legs whenever I ran. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, doctors would tell me to cross train like swim, walk, etc. But i wanted to run!!! Jeff corrected all the problems I had from posture, running cadence, running stride. It was like learning how to run all over again. Jeff told me that after he was done with me I would never come back to his office. He was right!!!  I havent been back to his office. Its been 3 years and I enjoy running like never before. Jeff is the best!”

Yvonne Huffman  “ I survived 26.2 miles on a bad foot! … It was an incredible experience.  I was able to run the entire race.  Thank you so much for your help!”

Russell Schuh, age 65.   8th in division 2006 LA Marathon, 3:54   “A year ago I had doubts I’d run at all.  You fixed me!”

Chrissy Lomax – “Team Believe” “This is a very overdue…THANK YOU  for your support and keeping my team healthy. Your knowledge & expertise is invaluable and so appreciated.”

Jeff Bergeron  -Jeff, Lisa & everyone at Ortho Pro – ” Just wanted to say “THANK YOU”…The changes you made to my running form were right on the money!  I remained injury free throughout the training and my first marathon..”

Deja Munn -Dear Jeff – “Thanks to you I was able to complete my first marathon happy, healthy, and wanting to do another one.  Thank you not only for healing my shins and sprained ankle, but also for sharing your vast knowledge of running and teaching me “how” to run.”

Kathy R. “I  have been a patient of Jef’f’s twice before for a back issue and each time I went I was treated with great care and concern. I got the absolute best in care and knowledge. And so with a new injury – a severely sprained ankle which the doctor throught was a break, I was ordered to PT.  When the doctor mentioned it, the first response I had was – I already have a great PT office to go to.”

Cara S. “Went to Jeff to work on cutting down my marathon time….. Jeff is a great, easy going guy who is easy to work with and is a master of his craft.  He took the time to answer my questions; I never felt he was rushing me to get to another client.”
I would highly recommend anyone to go see him in regard to sport injury prevention or just to become a better athlete.  After getting results for myself, my husband also went to see him and he benefited from Jeff’s years of experience.  His staff, including his wonderful dog was friendly and helpful. ”  *I was referred to Jeff through Team in Training (TNT) in Nov. 2009.    Jeff still VOLUNTEERS his time to help TNT  raise $$ to find a cure for blood cancers.  Thank you Jeff for your dedication!

Marc Z. “Went to get Jeff’s help due to injuries while marathon training. He was very professional and freely shared his training knowledge which helped me. Overall I was able to become injury-free and complete the first of six marathons. I will go back if I ever incur additional injuries. He and his staff were great!”

Todd M. “On the recommendation of a good friend, I went to see Jeff about a previous injury that impaired my running for a couple years.  Jeff assessed my running form with his computerized system, helped me improve my form and transition from heel striking to forefront striking. Since then, I did my first half marathon, and 3 others this year.  Jeff has developed a great system, and I can’t recommend him more.”

Sydney F. -I have cerebral palsy. I have therefore been going to physical therapy since I was two years old. I’m 31 now, and I can tell you that Jeff is the first physical therapist I’ve ever not wanted to murder. You should go to him if you have issues. 🙂 All joking aside, we have a good positive relationship and he has helped me achieve great results.

Ava H. “I had a groin injury that I thought was the end of my running.  Jeff helped me analyze my running style to see what I might be doing so that I might prevent such a problem in the future and he encouraged me witI was referred to Jeff by a friend about 3 months ago, I came to Jeff because I wanted to compete in triathlons and I had a very hard time running. I had 2 surgeries on my legs and the pain after running 1/2 a mile was unbearable. After meeting with Jeff I competed in 2 triathlons and am doing my 3rd next week, I registered for the L.A. Marathon in 4 month and I could not be happier. Jeff would have you run on a treadmill and video tape the process, after that you and he would analyze the video and he would then correct your form. I am running now at least 2 times a week distances that I only dreamed about a few months ago.
This is the best money I spent in the last year…….. by far.
Thank you, Jeff. “

Shai R.h “a gradual program to get back into it.  I’m fine and I thank Jeff for helping me stay that way.  If his ears burn, it’s because  I think of his advice just about every time I step outside for a run.”

Brian S. -” I had the good fortune to be introduced to Jeff 7 years ago when I was training for the Chicago Marathon. A fellow runner introduced me. I had an injury sustained by a fall. Jeff was meticulous in studying and assessing my running style and pace. He did this through observations on the treadmill, videotape and computer programs. Using massage and other therapies, along with adjusting my running style, my injury improved. Thanks to Jeff’s fine work, I finished the marathon with my personal best time. I have since used Jeff for assorted other issues, and have referred many people to him, including my two daughters who are athletes.Lisa and Heather are magnificent massage therapists. And Jeff is as good as they come for Physical Therapy, especially sports related. As an athlete himself, he fully understands the mechanics and the psyches involved. Jeff is the best. “

John P. “I started seriously running about 4 years ago.  In no time, I managed to develop a severe pain in my knee.  While in a running store, I found a business card for Jeff at Ortho Pro.  This was the BEST thing that ever happened.  Since I had never been to a physical therapist, I thought it was going to be like a visit to a day spa.  While that would have been nice, Jeff took the time to find the source of my injury and then to analyze my running style.  After following his advice for a recovery period, Jeff made some suggestions on how to modify my running style to avoid repeating the injury.  I went on to complete in the L.A. Marathon that year (my first ever), and then the next year I not only completed the L.A. Marathon, but improved my time by 23 minutes.  I would (and do) highly recommend Jeff and his staff at Ortho Pro Physical Therapy to anyone.  Even today, I schedule an annual visit to Ortho Pro to ensure that I have not developed any bad running habits and to obtain suggestions for improvement.”

terry b. “I went to Jeff for a shoulder injury and by the time I left I was pain free with pretty good range of motion. At the same time I was visiting him I had torn a hamstring which they worked on also and helped me greatly. I also did a running evalualtion with Jeff and have really cut down on my injuries. The staff is really great there and Tucker is the worlds greatest work dog.”

Kyle C. “I went to Jeff to help me with a sprained ankle when I was I was five months pregnant!  I also had a two year old at home so I really needed to get off crutches fast.  He was very knowledgable about my injury and gave me the exercises and confidence  I needed to get back on my feet.  Everyone there was so kind, professional and helpful.  grateful to have found them!”