PT Physicals

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We are starting to offer PT physicals as part of our services.

What is a PT physical – a physical therapy (PT) physical is different than the yearly physical your MD would provide.

While we will do blood pressure, height and weight the parts of the PT physical that are unique are..

  • Cardiovascular Testing– using a bike, treadmill or elliptical we measure your cardiovascular fitness
  • Strength Testing – we do specific testing to determine the strength of major muscle groups.
  • Flexibility Testing– we look at joint and muscle mobility
  • Balance Testing– we perform tests that determine balance both on even and uneven surfaces
  • Coordination Testing– we’ll assess for coordination

Why do these?

Our goal is to establish values for all of these parameters in order to check them again in 6 -12 months.  We want to make sure we find any deficits in the above noted areas before they go on for years or decades.

What if I have a deficit?

We address it. We’ll give you suggestions as to what you need to do to resolve this issue and a time-frame by which it should be done.

How much does this cost?

The cost of this 60-75 minute session is $175.

Will my insurance pay for this?

Maybe. Call the office and we’ll let you know the details.