Senior ladies enhancing body flexibility by stretching

As we age, our body gets more stiff, and our muscles become less flexible.

Our hips and ankles lose their ability to react to external balance perturbation and the risk of falls increases.

The best news is that our muscles have memory and the deterioration of balance function can be reversed with daily routine of stretches.

According to the International Journal of Health Science, 10 weeks of daily stretch of lower extremities can improve single leg stance time and balance as well as reduce the risk of falls.

Falls are common in the elderly population as a result of lack of flexibility and losing the ability to react quickly to perturbation while standing or walking. The lack of flexibility is more common in the hip and ankles reducing the effectiveness of these main joints to reach and adjust quickly during a balance perturbation.

In other words, the maintenance of good balance requires good flexibility in our joints and muscles.

Let’s start a routine of daily stretches for our lower extremities, and let’s enjoy a flexible life free of falls and injuries.