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Staying Fast as you Age

A new study done by the Army and East Carolina University and Wake Forest University showed that weakness in the ankles and calves contributed to the biomechanical stride changes  that slow down aging runners. The report revealed that stride length and running speed slowed down by about 20% from the age of 20-59.  The loss […]

Using Boxing for Seniors

  You’d think that using boxing in a physical therapy program would only be for young fit people. Well, you’d be wrong. We’ve been using boxing for our senior population for years. Why, because it provides the results we’re looking for and it can be a lot of fun. Boxing can promote not only upper […]

Plantar Fasciitis vs Achilles Tendinitis

Plantar Fasciitis vs Achilles Tendinitis How are they the same? Both can be felt in the heel or just above the heel Both can be painful first stepping out of bed in the morning or getting up after prolonged sitting  Both can be painful upon the first 5-10 minutes of running or walking. Both can […]

Benefits of Downward Facing Dog:

This is an integral yoga pose with multiple benefits for our body and mind. Benefits of Downward Facing Dog: 1. Improved memory: this pose increases oxygen to the brain which contributes to improve mental clarity and alertness. 2. Enhanced Posture: This pose aligns the spine and improves the flexibility of the upper body, arms, and […]

Four Quick Hot Weather Running Tips

As I write this it’s 103 degrees in Oak Park and as high as 115 in the SF valley.  It goes without saying that running in hot weather, even 75 degrees or higher takes a greater toll on our bodies than running in cool weather.  Without talking physiology here are some tips. Run early / […]

Product Review – Flipbelt

I purchased the Flipbelt about one month ago and have used it about 6-8 times so far.   The Flipbelt is an elastic piece of fabric which is worn around the waist.  It has several slits that can hold many items while someone is active. There is a specific slot that is meant for a […]

Here’s a natural way to relax your mind and body.

If your back is feeling tired, or your neck and shoulders feel stiff after sitting while driving or working, try to take two minutes out of your day to do the childs’ pose. Child pose is a resting position with multiple benefits for the mind and body. Benefits for the mind: Reduces stress Calms the […]