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New info on Celebrex – It’s safe and effective

Back in 1999 two new non-steroidal drugs came on the market, Vioxx and Celebrex and they became blockbusters in their usefulness and sales. They were similar to Advil and Aleve but stronger and better and did not cause gastro-intestinal bleeding or ulcers. But then in 2004 Vioxx was pulled off the market due to findings […]

The Latest Research.. Moderate Exercise Could Help Older Adults

In a recent trial, researchers at Yale compared moderate exercise to health education in 1600 participants age 70-89 who were not disabled but were considered sedentary and had some physical disabilities. The study lasted 3.5 years and the participants were picked because they were unable to walk a quarter mile. During the 3.5 year period, […]

Three Items All Runners Should Have

While running is fairly pure, and by that I mean it’s easy to get out and and just “do it”, it is not without injuries. And yet, while the most important piece of equipment may be your shoes, (and of course how you use them) there are things you can own that will help you […]

Fall – Time for Leaves to Fall and Patients to Save Money

As I’ve tried to write every fall, this is the time of year to save your medical dollars. Here’s why.. If you’ve met your deductible your insurance will probably pay at their highest level for your treatment. This means less out-of-pocket money for you.  If you wait till January the deductible starts from scratch and […]

Falls can be prevented with a daily routine of stretches.

As we age, our body gets more stiff, and our muscles become less flexible. Our hips and ankles lose their ability to react to external balance perturbation and the risk of falls increases. The best news is that our muscles have memory and the deterioration of balance function can be reversed with daily routine of […]


In a recent study done in Australia researchers looked at the effectiveness of using ice baths to reduce muscle inflammation post workouts. First of all, lets differentiate between post workout muscle inflammation and actual swelling. Inflammation is not the same thing as “swelling.” Inflammation is the body’s response to certain harmful stimuli, characterized by heat, […]

Lyft and American Logistics Company Partner Up to Provide Transportation for Non Emergency Medical Transportation and Paratransit Services

This was announced in August 2016. It seems that ALC will be acting as the dispatch center to bring transportation to people who need NON EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION. While I don’t have any more specific information, if this service seems like it could help you then contact ALC and they will be the ones dispatching […]

Is BMI still a good way of looking at body weight?

In a recent study researchers pulled data on over 40,000 people and analyzed the link between BMI (body mass index – the ratio between body weight and height) and key health markers such as Blood pressure Glucose levels Insulin resistance Cholesterol & Glyceride levels What they found is that the BMI didn’t fit with the […]


With the recent Rio Olympics, lots of people have been asking me about “cupping”. The red circular marks all over Michael Phelps back and shoulders. I remember my parents talking about this technique called “Bankes” in the shtetls of eastern Europe at the early part of the 1900’s.  This treatment was done oft-times by the […]

What’s the Difference Between Outdoor vs Treadmill Running on the Patella (kneecap) and Achilles Tendon

  In a recent study posted in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy 18 healthy runners were studied running overground and on a treadmill. They ran at their natural running speed and the values were adjusted to make up for individual differences. The findings were interesting.  The treadmill running showed greater Achilles tendon […]